18″ and 19″ BMW Wheels

18×8.5  18×9  18×9.5  18×10 18×10.5  18×11

19×8.5  19×9  19×9.5  19×10  19×10.5  19×11

Anthracite, Satin Black, Race Silver

**Shipping rates are for wheels ordered in pairs – regular ground shipping rates apply to single wheel orders**

Please check with us to confirm availability


Apex SM10 BMW Profile 2 Silver

Apex SM10 BMW Profile 2 Anthracite

Apex SM10 BMW Profile 2 Satin Black


18x8.5   5x120   ET35   72.56   Medium Concave   18.4 lbs   

18x9.0   5x120   ET30   72.56   Medium Concave   19.5 lbs   

18x9.5   5x120   ET22   72.56   Deep Concave      20.3 lbs   

18x9.5   5x120   ET35   72.56   Medium Concave   20.0 lbs   

18x10.0   5x120   ET25   72.56   Deep Concave      21.0 lbs   

18x10.0   5x120   ET33   72.56   Medium Concave   20.7 lbs   

18x10.5   5x120 ET22   72.56   Deep Concave      21.0 lbs   

18x11.0   5x120   ET44   72.56   Deep Concave      21.0 lbs   

19x8.5   5x120   ET35 72.56   Medium Concave   22.0 lbs   

19x9   5x120   ET30   72.56   Medium Concave   22.5 lbs   

19x9.5   5x120   ET22   Deep Concave   23.2 lbs   

19x9.5   5x120   ET28   Deep Concave   22.6 lbs

19x9.5   5x120   ET33   Medium Concave   23.2 lbs

19x10   5x120   ET25   Deep Concave   24.3 lbs   

19x10.5   5x120   ET22   Deep Concave   24.6 lbs   

19x10.5   5x120   ET45   Deep Concave   23.2 lbs

19x11   5x120   ET44   Deep Concave   24.4 lbs   


"I" Beam Spokes

The most significant new feature APEX has added is the "I" Beam Spokes.  The weight of the wheel is reduced by CNC machining material out from the sides of each spoke. It is an expensive process and avoided by most manufacturers, but APEX has made it affordable through volume production.

Beefier Lips

By saving weight elsewhere, APEX was able to add extra material where it matters.  The barrel’s inner lip has been beefed up to better handle the abuse from the street and track.

Factory Support

Like all our APEX wheels, The SM-10 works with all OEM hardware like OEM Roundel center caps, wheel lugs, valve stems, and TPMS sensors. Wheels are bored specifically for BMW so no centering rings are needed.


Multiple face profiles are utilized to maximize spoke concavity and reduce weight on the SM-10 design. To maintain our great brake clearance the profiles and spoke curvature of this wheel is just like our EC-7 design

FEA Optimization

APEX took more time than ever before on this step, revising and iterating their design to reduce weight as much as possible. After countless iterations they removed material from the sides of the spokes in a way that allowed them to increase strength over their previous designs.

Always Flow Formed

All APEX wheels feature Flow-Formed construction that utilizes rotary forging to produce a strong and lightweight barrel. The SM-10 is no exception.

True JWL & VIA Certification

No tricky terminology to cover up a lack of testing here. APEX always does real world crush testing and gets real certificates from the Japanese Government again to prove it, just like they’ve always done.


Most wheels ship within 48 hours.

Add Valves, Lugs, or Spacers for your new wheels!

**Shipping rates are for wheels ordered in pairs - regular ground shipping rates apply to single wheel orders**

On occasion certain sizes may be on backorder.  Please check with us to confirm availability.

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