Atturo AZ850 Drag Radial and Street Radial


Atturo AZ850DR Drag Radial (rear tires) –  10% off with free shipping

Atturo AZ850 Street Radial (front tires) – special pricing with free shipping



Get your Atturo AZ850DR Drag Radials heat cycled and be race ready!

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Atturo AZ850 Drag Radial and Street Radial

Now Available from PTS

The AZ850DR is a directional tire with shoulder grips designed  to generate immediate launching traction with the help of an extra sticky compound

315/40R18   285/35R19   305/30R19   275/40R20

285/30R20   285/35R20   305/30R20   305/35R20

315/30R20   315/35R20   335/30R20

AZ850 Street Tires for the Fronts are also available!!

245/50R18   255/40R19   285/35R19   245/45R20

255/35R20   245/40R20   265/35R20   275/40R20

275/35R20   285/35R20

For when 10ths of a second count, the AZ850DR has the chops to get you to the finish!

This DOT Drag Radial tire is ready to leave the competition in the dust.