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G-10 Rally

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Federal G-10 Rally 

The Federal G-10 Rally is a multi-purpose rally tire suitable for a wide range of conditions including dry or wet, broken tarmac or hard, abrasive and compacted gravel rally stages.

Size Overall Diameter Section Width Measured Rim Rim Width Range
185/65R15 88Q 24.6 7.6 5.5 5.0-6.0
195/65R15 91Q 25.1 8 6 5.5-6.5
205/65R15 94Q 25.6 8.1 6 5.5-7.5
 Federal G-10 Rally "Competition Only" 1. Asymmetric tread patterns ensure maximum performance in traction and braking.
2. Rigid structure and dense tread pattern ensure superb stability and lateral grips in fast cornering.
3. Reinforced structure both in the tread areas and sidewalls deliver comprehensive resistance against cuts and chips.
Federal Rally Tires have been successful in Australia, New Zealand, and the FIA Asian Championships. The G-10 Rally tire has been tested against many other popular rally tires on the market and provide the best bang for the buck. Currently only available in soft compound for the 185/65R15 and 195/65R15. The 205/65R15 is available in both soft and medium compounds. The Federal G-10 Rally Tire has been used successfully in varying conditions from extremely high ambient temperatures to frozen gravel surfaces.  
The Federal G-10 is a multi-purpose gravel tire and is directional.

Warning: Federal Corporation makes no expressed or implied warranty as to the fitness or merchantability of Federal competition tires due to the varied and severe conditions under which they operate and shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages arising out of their use. Even if DOT approved or E-Mark approved Federal competition tires are designed and compounded for competition use only and are not intended for highway or road use.