JRW Series 500 Porsche 944 Generation 2


JRW Series 500 Porsche 944 

Generation 2

Wheels for Porsche 944

Improved Spoke Design / Ball Seat Lug Pockets

15×8 5×130 71.5 ET 40 or ET15 $269 each

15×9 5×130 71.5 ET35  or ET55 $269 each

Satin Black or Gloss Silver

Shipping $25 per wheel when bought in pairs 

JRW Series 500 Porsche 944 Generation 2

Improved Spoke Design - Flow-Formed Technology

now with Ball Seat Lug Pockets

Bead Knurling to assist in preventing tires moving on the rim under braking

Wheels are bored straight through 71.5mm and cannot run center caps

Wheels specifically designed with the Porsche 944 in mind...

Gloss Silver or Satin Black 5x130 71.5 center bore

1984-Early 1986 15x8 +15mm square / 15x8 +15mm & 15x9 +35mm staggered

Late 1986-1989  15x8 +40mm square / 15x8 +40mm & 15x9 +55mm staggered

Get Valves and Lugs for your new wheels!

On occasion certain wheels may be on backorder.  Please check with us to confirm availability.