Nankang NS-2R Spec Corvette


Nankang NS-2R Spec Corvette


PTS reserves the right to require larger orders to ship via pallet to a commercial address if that is the most cost effective option.

200 tread wear (200 UTQG)

*** Nankang NS-2R Specs ***

Tire Shaving and Heat Cycling available

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315/30ZR18 Spec Corvette $350 per tire FREE SHIPPING – In stock! 

Break in procedure for Nankang tires prior to hard track sessions (racing or otherwise)…
The Nankang AR-1, CR-S, SL-1, and NS-2R will greatly benefit from an initial “break-in” heat cycle, (commonly called “scrubbing in”) before the tires are pushed, for better performance. Set cold air pressure at an adequate psi to handle the weight of the car. On track, gradually increase speed subsequently for a minimum 3-4 laps, not to exceed 85% capacity*, followed by an off the car cooling period of not less than 24 hours, which will result in a much improved tire life and on track performance for future sessions.
If this procedure is not possible due to losing on track sessions – PTS can heat cycle your tires prior to shipping them to you, which will reduce (not replace) the break in procedure required for AR-1’s and CR-1/CR-S models.
This is a proven procedure to enhance and improve your on track experience, gathered from many years of our own racing experience and track events, as well as the many experienced drivers we have worked with over the years.
*2 – laps 50%, 1 – lap 75%, 1 – 85%, 2 – cool down laps 50%


Nankang NS-2R Spec Corvette

*** Nankang NS-2R Specs ***

Extreme Ultra-High Performance 

The Nankang NS-2R in stock here at PTS is new technology! You may see an older 120 treadwear version of the NS-2R for sale on other websites, but the 120 UTQG version is older technology and does not have the same level of performance as the new 200 treadwear. 

Nankang NS-2R takes competition drift tires to a whole new level.  Speed enthusiasts are confident on and off track due to proven race-inspired compound and construction. Tread design enhances lateral stability under extreme cornering, while the optimized footprint maximizes contact patch for outstanding grip. The Nankang NS-2R is a 200 Tread Wear (200 UTQG) ideally suited for HPDE, Track Days, and Endurance Racing.

After multiple years of success in club motorsport across the UK and Europe, the NS-2R has found itself as a highly recommended track day tire

As used over the years by championships such as: BMW Compact Cup, MaX5, Civic Cup, M3 Cup and in open tire series

The NS-2R is not the fastest tire on the grid however it is one of the most consistent performers, a true endurance option

NS-2R also boasts great wet performance so users have the confidence that the tire will perform as well as a road tire as it will on track

The NS-2R has achieved EU tire labelling giving it MSA List 1B approval

Set up tech tips

Optimum camber settings between -1.0 to -3.0 degrees

HOT Pressure settings

23 - 27.5 psi - car weighs less than 1760 lbs

24 - 32 psi - car weighs between 1760 lbs - 2200 lbs

27.5 - 37 psi - car weighs between 2200 lbs - 3080 lbs

34 - 42 psi - cars weighing more than 3080lbs


PTS offers Tire Shaving starting at $45 per tire

We also offer Heat Cycling $28 per tire- Have your competition tires heat cycled today and be race ready!

Most tires ship within 48 hours.  Allow an extra day for shaving or heat-cycling.

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