WedsSport TC105X

15″  17″  18″ Race Wheels

15×7 4×100 ET20 or ET35 

17″  18″ Race Wheels

5×100   5×112   5×114.3

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WedsSport TC105X

The TC105X is an evolution from WedsSport flagship model, the TC105N. Like its predecessor, the TC105X has played a major R&D role in Japan's SuperGT racing series to develop a strong and lightweight wheel. Introduced in 2018, the TC105X has gone through some minor changes to the design to increase rigidity while keeping costs low, making it an ideal choice for car enthusiasts.

Key features include:

Revised N-Frame

Spoke side cuts

Barrel Profile

Rear Spoke Cuts

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What we have in house:

(36) 15x7 ET20 4x100 - wheels weigh 12 lbs

(24) 15x7 ET35 4x100 - wheels weigh 11.5 lbs

(4) 17x8.5 ET43 5x114.3

(8) 17x9.0 ET35 5x100

(4) 17x9.5 ET45 5x114.3

(8) 18x8.5 ET43 5x112

(2) 18x9.5 ET25 5x114.3

(4) 18x9.5 ET45 5x114.3

(2) 18x10.0 ET20 5x114.3

(2) 18x10.5 ET25 5x114.3

WedsSport TC105X Sizes & Specs