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200 treadwear UHP tire designed with Motorsports in mind

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245/40ZR18  265/35ZR18  275/35ZR18  315/30ZR18

245/35ZR19  295/35ZR19  305/35ZR19  315/30ZR19

245/30ZR20  245/35ZR20  255/30ZR20 

265/35ZR20  275/35ZR20  305/30ZR20  315/35ZR20   

265/35ZR21  305/30ZR21

325/25ZR21  325/30ZR21  355/25ZR21

Tire Specs & Vehicle fitment listed below

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High Performance Compound - 200 treadwear tires come with 10/32" tread depth

Motorsport-grade cap compound that maintains grip as the tire temperatures heighten. Large contact patch reduces slip under heavy acceleration and hard cornering thus increasing sustainable g-forces under load. Performs well in wet conditions.

Superior engineering

Two layers of polyester carcass provides a strong casing for quick steering response and unsurpassed handling performance.

Uniform Consistency

Twin inner grooves and cross patch siping generates positive feedback and traction during inclement weather by dispersing water on impact.

The X Comp H/P was designed to exceed the expectations of various applications including street driving, track days and drifting.

OE Fitment for Top Brands Including: Shelby, Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

The X Comp H/P has similar handling characteristics to the Bridgestone RE-71R and the Michelin PSC2.


Tire Size Overall Diameter Section Width Load Capacity Applications
245/35ZR19 93Y XL 25.8 9.8 1433 Front Porsche, Audi, Ferrari
245/30ZR20 90Y XL 25.8 9.8 1323 Front Audi R8, Huracan
245/35ZR20 95Y XL 26.8 9.8 1521 Front Audi R8, Huracan
255/30ZR20 92Y XL 26.1 10.2 1389 Front Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche
265/35ZR20 99Y XL 27.3 10.7 1709 Front Porsche
275/35ZR20 102Y XL 27.6 10.9 1874 Front McLaren, Ferrari, Lambo
305/30ZR20 103Y XL 27.2 12.3 1929 Rear Audi R8, Huracan, Porsche, Shelby Cobra
315/35ZR20 110Y XL 28.5 13.0 2337 Rear Lamborghini
345/30ZR20 106Y SL 28.2 13.8 2094 coming in May
265/35ZR21 101Y XL 28.3 10.7 1819 Front McLaren
305/30ZR21 104Y XK 27.4 13.2 1874 Rear McLaren
325/25ZR21 102Y XL 28.7 13.0 2205 Rear Porsche
325/30ZR21 108Y XL 28.0 14.4 2149 Rear Porsche, Lamborghini
355/25ZR21 107Y XL 28.2 12.3 1984 Rear Aventador