APEX EC-7 Mustang


APEX EC-7 Mustang

Happening Now!! Group Buy for Mustang EC-7 Wheels!

See below for more info!

18×9, 18×9.5, 18×10, 18×11

19×10, 19×11



Apex Wheels

Contact us today to get in on the APEX Group Buy on the

APEX EC-7 for Mustang

18x9 ET30, 18x10 ET43, 18x11 ET52, 19x10 ET40, 19x11 ET52

The goal is to get Free Shipping on 4 wheels and up to $250 off per set depending on how many people pledge to participate!

Available in Race Silver, Anthracite, Satin Black

Sizes and Finishes in Current Group Buy

18x9   ET30   5x114.3   70.5 cb   21.35 lbs -  $299 each  - Race Silver/Satin Black

18x10   ET43   5x114.3   70.5 cb   22.1 lbs -  $329 each - Race Silver/Anthracite/Satin Black

18x11 ET52 5x114.3 70.5 cb  -  $364 each - Race Silver/Anthracite/Satin Black

19x10   ET40   5x114.3   70.5 cb   24 lbs -  $379 each - Anthracite/Satin Black

19x11 ET52 5x114.3 70.5 cb  24.5 lbs-  $429 each - Anthracite/Satin Black

The APEX EC-7 was designed for long-term durability without sacrificing performance and fit.  More and more, faster and heavier cars are being used for racing, track days, and daily driving. Because of this, engineering the EC-7 to handle extreme abuse on the track and street, while keeping the wheel lightweight, was vital. Along with a wide range of model-specific fitments and increased brake clearance, the EC-7 is a perfect compliment to the APEX ARC-8.


**Shipping rates are for wheels ordered in pairs - regular ground shipping rates apply to single wheel orders**

On occasion certain sizes may be on backorder.  Please check with us to confirm availability.

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