Enkei GTC02 – Racing Series

Enkei GTC02 – Racing Series

Lightweight Racing Wheels

18″ and 19″ 

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Enkei GTC02 - Racing Series

Split 6 spoke design

Lightweight Racing Wheels 

Available in a variety of 18" and 19" sizes

Hyper Silver and Matte Black

*** GTC02 Specs ***

GTC02 Hyper Silver angle

Racing is where all of the best R&D happens. Engineers obsess over every detail looking for the slightest advantage to shave fractions of a second off of lap times. What we learn on the world’s premier circuits is eventually implemented into mainstream products and made available to the weekend racer. That’s how the new Enkei GTC02 was born. Based on the RA series wheels used in the Super GT racing series, the GTC02 draws on the RA series to give weekend racers the competitive edge they need to win. The 6 split-spoke design disperses stress efficiently and allows Enkei to keep the spokes as thin as possible and make cuts in them on the fronts and sides to shave weight even further. The GTC02 is available in sizing ranging from 18×8 to 19×10.5 in a wide variety of PCD and offset configurations to fit most modern sports cars.

Enkei GTC02 - Racing Series features:

– Twin Radiation Dimple: Contributes to weight reduction and raises the wheel’s heat dissipation.

– H Cross Spoke: Securing strength and rigidity while reducing weight by milling in parts with less stress.

– 3 Face Types: Front, Middle, and Rear. Achieve optimal concave for the vehicle. Face type will be determined by Size, Width, and offset combination.

On occasion certain sizes may be on backorder.

Please check with us to confirm availability as not all sizes and colors are in stock in the US.