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Federal FZ-101S


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Federal Motorsports


Full Slick Competition Tire

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Please see below for Chassis Set Up Recommendations



Federal LogoThe FZ-101S is a The FZ-101S is a full-slick competition tire that provides fast lap times and maximum dry grips with superior cornering force.

Chassis Setup Recommendations 

For optimum performance the Federal FZ-201 and FZ-101 race tires require no less than 3 degrees of negative camber to start. There will be a loss of maximum performance and maximum wear if these standards are not met. Less than 3.0 degrees negative camber can result in excessive wear on the outer shoulder junction as well as across the entire tread surface. Higher pressures are needed when the vehicle has limited negative camber. Federal race tires typically offer better performance with spring/shock rates higher than previous brands you may have run and in the full race category. Avoid generating excessive heat into the tire by spinning or sliding during a track session. Over braking along with spinning or sliding of the tire will also cause premature tread wear as well as possible tread splice issues. Federal FZ-201 and FZ-101 are fully designed race tires and have to be treated as such to achieve maximum performance.

  • Rotation of FZ-101 for Optimal Wear

Staggered sizes (different size tires front and rear)

Rotate side to side after each session

Square set up (all 4 tires/wheels same size)

Make it a practice to rotate the tires as follows:

            Cross Rotate (LF to RR / LR to RF)

            Rotate tires RR to LR and LF to LR

             Rotate side to side (LF to RF and LR to RR)

Features of the FZ-101

1. New advanced compound provides outstanding dry grip.

2. Kevlar reinforced sidewalls resist deformation ensuring optimal contact patch, resulting in stability at
high speed.

3. Durable contact patch area maximizes steering and cornering accuracy.


FZ-101S - Specifications (15/17/18)


Size Overall 
mm in mm in in
210/575-15 (coming soon) 573 22.6 200 7.9 6
240/610-17 (coming soon) 605 23.8 240 9.5 9
270/650R18 654 25.7 277 10.9 10


Federal Corporation makes no expressed or implied warranty as to the fitness or merchantability of Federal competition tires due to the varied and severe conditions under which they operate and shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages arising out of their use.

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