Hoosier H2O Radial Wet


Hoosier H2O Radial Wet

DOT Competition Rain Tire

Superior Grip in Wet Conditions

For Road Racing, Time Attack & Autocross

Free Shipping to Verified Commercial Address


Free Shipping to Verified Commercial Address

Hoosier H2O Radial Wet - DOT Competition Rain Tire

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*** Hoosier H2O Radial Wet Specs ***

The Hoosier H20 Radial Wet is  a DOT Competition Tire developed for drivers who participate in autocross and road racing events in moderate to heavy rain.

Hoosier H2O Radial Wet tires offer traction for fast and consistent lap times in wet track conditions.  They have improved treadwear and durability in damp to drying track conditions.   This allows the tires to serve as full wet tires when used at their original 8/32-inch tread depth, or intermediate wet tires when shaved (or worn) to approx. 4/32" tread depth.

WARNING:  Hoosier Racing Tires meet DOT requirements for marking and performance only and are NOT INTENDED FOR HIGHWAY USE.

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185/60R13 205/60R13


205/50R15 225/45R15

205/45R16 225/50R16 245/45R16 255/50R16

225/45R17 245/40R17 275/40R17

225/40R18 245/35R18 245/40R18 275/35R18 305/30R18 325/35R18