Hoosier Radial Slicks


Hoosier Radial Slicks

non-DOT Full Competition Radial Slick

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Heat Cycling $30 per tire

For Road Racing, Time Attack, and High Performance Track Events

Available in different compounds as shown in Specs

Please check with us to confirm availability

Single tire orders will incur a $25 additional shipping charge which will be billed separately. 


Hoosier Radial Slicks

Heat Cycling Available $30 per tire

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Hoosier Radial Slicks feature construction changes that provide improved durability and performance - including grip, turn in, steering response, braking, and faster lap times.  See the product bulletin below for further set up information.

Hoosier Road Racing Slicks in the following compounds -

R25B      R35B/ATL/S     MS/S75/R55A/R70A    M/S80     MH/S100    S120

                 (softer -------------------------> firmer)

*** Hoosier Radial Slicks Specs ***


Most tires ship within 48 hours.  Allow up to one week for tires to ship.

On occasion certain sizes may be on backorder.  Please check with us to confirm availability.

Allow an extra day for Heat Cycling.  

190/530R13 215/530R13 200/580R15 215/580R15 245/580R15m265/605R16 235/620R17 265/630R17 240/640R18 255/645R18 265/645R18 280/680R18 285/645R8 305/645R18 305/680R18 310/710R18 320/650R18 355/650R18 185/60R13 205/60R13 23.0x9.5R15 24.5x13.75R15 27.5x11.5R15 23.5x11.0R16 23.5x12.0R16 25.5x12.5R16 25.5x14.0R16 28.0x14.5R16

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