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JRW Series 500 15×10 BMW E30


JRW Series 500

Jongbloed Racing Wheels 15×10 BMW E30

15×10 4×100 57.1 ET10 $239 each

Shipping $25 per wheel (2+ wheels)

Shipping $35 when ordering a single wheel

**15×10 is a custom fitment and requires modifications**



Now in stock!

Jongbloed Racing Wheels

JRW Series 500 15x10 BMW E30

Flow-Formed Technology  

15x10 4x100 57.1 ET10 $239 per wheel


If you plan to run the BMW fitment on a Miata you must purchase 57.1-54.1 Centering Rings - $25 for set of 4 (see link below)

**15x10 is a custom fitment and requires modifications**

15x10 JRW Series 500 wheels - Shipping $25 per wheel (2+ wheels)

Single wheels ship for $35

Get Valves and Lugs for your new wheels! 

Valves    Lugs 

 Please check with us to confirm availability.

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