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Lug Nuts



Lug Nuts



 PTS Lug Nuts

 Racing Lug Nuts - Open-ended Steel  - 12x1.5 17mm Hex - silver or black

 7075 T6 Heat-treated  Open-ended Alloy 12x1.25, 12x1.5, 12x1/2RH 3/4" Hex (length 2") - silver or black

Steel Closed-end  (standard acorn) - 12x1.5 19mm - chrome

Open-End Knurled Forged Steel Racing Lugs 12x1.5  3/4" Hex (length 2") - silver or black

Open-End Cold Forged Aluminum Racing Lugs - 12x1.5  3/4" Hex (length 2") - silver or  titanium or black

Porsche Ball Seat Steel Lugs 14x1.5 19mm - grey or yellow

grey - heat-treated carbon steel Rc 26

bright yellow Nascar release-coating heat-treated alloy steel Rc 36

machined from a solid bar, yellow coating provides consistent torque values



No Brainer Disclaimer

Lugs should easily thread on by hand all the way to the wheel seat and then be torqued to factory specs.

If there is ever any binding do not tighten it down.