Trackside Service Information


Orders for trackside delivery / mounting & balancing should be placed two weeks prior to the event

Wheels MUST be clean (spotless) when brought to us for mounting & balancing.  Please remove all tape, wheel weights, grease, and chunks of rubber before dropping off your wheels.  We will assess a dirty wheel fee for naughty racers who bring us rims that no weight would begin to consider sticking to, so don’t be that guy or gal. This helps us service you quickly and also gets you to take a good look at your wheels to inspect them for any possible cracks or bends.  We do have scrapers and rags available for you to use.

– Please write your car number and race group inside each wheel.  Many wheels are identical and this will help us service you more efficiently.

– There is no longer any additional charge to bring wheels or tires to the track. If wheels or tires need to be shipped directly to the track due to a last minute order, you are responsible for the UPS or FedEx shipping cost to the event.

Tire Disposal fees have increased from our recycler.  Effective immediately the cost is $15 each for tire disposal.  If you have room and can take your scrubs, please do so!  If not, we can take them off your hands.

– Payment – all trackside orders need to be paid at the track – methods we accept at the track – cash and credit card. Checks are acceptable if arrangements are made ahead of time and if you have bought from us before.

– Hours of service (subject to change) Fridays 9am-4:30pm, Saturday 8am-4:30pm, Sunday 8am-12noon

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!  See you at the track!!