APEX SM-10 Camaro


APEX SM-10 Camaro

18″ & 19″ Camaro Wheels

Anthracite or Satin Black

See Fitment Guides Below

**Shipping rates are for wheels ordered in pairs – regular ground shipping rates apply to single wheel orders**

Apex Wheels

APEX SM-10 Camaro

SM-10 Satin Black

SM-10 Satin Black

SM-10 Anthracite

SM-10 Anthracite

APEX SM-10 Camaro


A modern motorsport design crafted using advanced weight saving techniques with a reinforced inner lip and I-beam spokes.

  • I-beam spokes for reduced weight
  • Reinforced inner lip for strength
  • Massive Brake Clearance
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Unmatched Replacement Program
  • Independently Tested and Certified


18x11 5x120 67.1  ET7 - Profile 3 Deep Concave - 23.7 lbs

18x11 5x120 67.1 ET35 - Profile 3 Deep Concave - 22.3 lbs

18x12 5x120 67.1 ET41 - Profile 3 Deep Concave - 23.5 lbs

19x10 5x120 67.1 ET20 - Profile 3 Deep Concave - 24 lbs

19x11 5x120 67.1 ET11 - Profile 3 Deep Concave - 25.6 lbs

19x11 5x120 67.1 ET35 - Profile 3 Deep Concave - 24.5 lbs

19x12 5x120 67.1 ET41 - Profile 3 Deep Concave - 25.6 lbs


APEX has done countless hours of test-fitting to come up with the perfect chassis-specific widths and offsets. Whether you’re looking for a clean and conservative OEM+ fitment or an all-out aggressive track/race setup, APEX has you covered. Check out the fitment guides below.

APEX SM-10 Camaro

The Flow Form Advantage

Flow forming enables APEX to create high performance wheels without the price premium of forging. It improves the mechanical properties and grain structure of the barrel, increasing its strength and stiffness, which allows for using less material and reducing weight. Thanks to superior engineering, these flow formed wheels have a higher load rating than some competitors' forged wheels.

I-Beam Spokes

"I" Beam Spokes

One of the most prominent features of the SM-10 is its advanced "I" beam spoke machining. Any excess material that doesn’t add strength is carved out from the sides of the spokes using a precision CNC ball cutter. This process is often deemed cost-prohibitive by others, but for performance without compromise APEX believes it is essential.


Bigger, Tougher Inner Lip

The inner lip is the most vulnerable part of a wheel because it has no spokes for support. The APEX Evolution line adds more material to this high-impact area as an extra layer of protection against track berms, potholes, and whatever else the road may throw at you.


Maximizing Concavity

APEX uses the deepest concave face profiles possible for every application after factoring in critical clearances such as brake calipers. The SM-10 utilizes 3 unique profiles to make this possible, with the deepest concave face delivering reduced weight and a stunningly aggressive appearance.

Big Brake Clearance

Big Brake Clearance

Big brakes often require bigger, heavier, more expensive wheels, which aren’t ideal in a performance environment. The SM-10 is one APEX's many wheels which solve this problem. Through comprehensive laser scanning and endless rounds of test-fitting, they have created 18” wheels to clear huge brakes that typically require 19” wheels from other manufacturers.

Knurled Beads

Knurled Beads

Whether it’s a day at the track or months of street driving, repeated hard braking can make a tire slip along the bead seat and go out of balance, causing vibration. APEX has added knurled beads to select sizes of this design to help grip the tire and reduce unwanted slippage.

Weight Optimized

APEX conducted extensive Finite Element Analysis to reinforce high stress areas and to remove material where it didn’t improve strength. The end result is a wheel with an ideal balance of strength and weight.


Built for Impact Sockets

Track wheels need track tools. Don’t settle for wheels that require undersized tuner lugs or thin walled sockets. All APEX wheels accommodate over-sized race lugs and impact sockets to make swapping wheels lightning fast.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

All Evolution line wheels are finished using a multi-stage liquid paint over a powder coated base coat. This coating process leaves lug holes, center bores and mounting pads untouched, which ensures proper fit and torque values.



Hub Centric

No centering rings required. All Camaro specific 5x120mm bolt pattern wheels feature a direct-fit, 67.1mm center bore.


Center Caps

ALL APEX wheels come with a Gloss Black cap included which is interchangeable with the Camaro OE cap.



The SM-10 wheels can be used with all Camaro OEM and aftermarket mounting hardware with a 60° tapered seat.



All APEX wheels accept OEM and aftermarket Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors and standard fit valve stems. Sensors and stems are available as an option.

Most wheels ship within 48 hours.

**Shipping rates are for wheels ordered in pairs - regular ground shipping rates apply to single wheel orders**

On occasion certain sizes may be on backorder.  Please check with us to confirm availability.

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