Enkei PF01EVO

Enkei PF01EVO – Racing Series

Lightweight Racing Wheels

17×9, 17×9.5, 18×9, 18×9.5, 18×10.5

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Enkei PF01EVO - Racing Series

Split 5 spoke design

Lightweight Racing Wheels with clearance for large brake calipers

Available in 17x9, 17x9.5, 18x9, 18x9.5, 18x10.5

SBC, Matte Black, Pearl White

*** PF01EVO Specs ***

The Enkei PF01EVO Wheels are made with Enkei’s MAT technology. The PF01EVO is a light, racer-friendly wheel which is available in 17" and 18" sizes with plenty of clearance for large brake calipers. The PF01EVO is a high quality, very lightweight wheel offered at a competitive price.

From time attack to drifters, the PF01EVO wheel is designed to maximize the performance of 17 and 18-inch tires. When mounted on a vehicle with over fenders, the minimum inset starts from 0 mm, widening the settable tread width range.

The PF01EVO wheel adopts ENKEI’s proprietary MAT process technology to ensure both the high rigidity and lightness required for an uncompromising sport wheel.

Utilizing Enkei’s MAT flow-forming technology, the PF01SS is designed to be an ultra lightweight wheel. The PF01SS is engineered to take Enkei’s light-weight racing wheel line to the next level. The PF01SS features a  split five-spoke design giving it lightness and a sporty feel. The subtle edge on the sides of the spokes adds a unique dimensional accent to its design.

The unique roulette pattern is grooved on the rim to reduce the slippage ratio between tire and rim. This allows for high performance during extreme acceleration and deceleration. The roulette pattern is also used for McLaren Mercedes Formula One racing wheels.

On occasion certain sizes may be on backorder.

Please check with us to confirm availability as not all sizes and colors are in stock in the US.