Enkei PF07

Enkei PF07 – Racing Series

7 Spoke Racing Wheels

17″, 18″, 19″ sizes

Special Order Only

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Enkei PF07 - Racing Series

7 spoke design

(The Enkei PF07 is special order only)

Seven dynamic spokes reach toward the edge of the flange in a concave fashion giving the wheel additional depth and the appearance of being one size larger. The sides of the spokes are thinned to make them lighter while emphasizing the concave shape.  Combined with a double-lipped flange provides an especially aggressive look. The concepts of toughness and sport serve as inspiration for these design features. The wheel’s rim is a formed metallic structure forged with MAT technology to achieve a high level of strength, rigidity, and light weight. The face is engineered to accommodate a large brake caliper and to enhance brake cooling performance during high-speed driving.

Available in 17" 18" 19" sizes

Dark Silver

*** PF07 Specs ***


The Enkei PF07 - Racing Series is  special order only 

Please check with us to confirm availability as not all sizes and colors are in stock in the US.