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Federal 595RS-PRO


Federal Motorsports

FZ-595RS-PRO 200 UTQG (200 treadwear)

Track Days / Endurance Racing

Free Shipping to a Verified Commercial Address



Free Shipping to a Verified Commercial Address

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Federal 595RS-PRO

200 treadwear 7/32" tread depth

Federal 595RS-PRO Specs

The Federal 595RS-Pro Tire is a high performance tire that is the perfect choice for track days.

The tire offers great performance in both dry and wet conditions.

The central part of the tire has a continuous rib that delivers straight line stability at high speed.

The V shaped tread grooves channel the water away effectively providing high resistance to hydroplaning.

  • Enhanced tire block rigidity gives outstanding grip and steering accuracy.
  • DOT Approved for highway use

The Federal 595RS-Pro tire has considerably less road noise compared to the 595RS-RR ...


The perfect track day tire!

Federal 595RS-PROFederal 595RS-PRO angle

Federal 595RS-PRO 200 treadwear

tread depth 7/32"

Federal 595RS-PRO

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