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Federal FZ-201M


Federal Motorsports

FZ-201M 100 UTQG (100 treadwear)

Medium Compound for Track Days

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255/40ZR17, 265/35ZR18, 285/30ZR18 on backorder

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Free Shipping to a Verified Commercial Address

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The semi-slick FZ-201M is a 100 UTQG (100 treadwear) competition tire that comes with 6/32" tread depth and delivers the optimal balance of dry and wet traction, consistency, and longevity, making it ideal for time attack, track days, and high performance driving schools. Also an excellent choice for endurance racing where 100 UTQG is allowed.

Advance compounds provide consistent performance throughout the life of the tire.

Federal FZ-201M
Larger shoulder blocks provide continuous contact with the road while maneuvering.

Federal FZ-201M angle
Unique L-shaped grooves assist with wet traction.


Running the Federal FZ-201M - some things to know...

Working temp 175~220 degrees - for best performance and no overheating

Alignment recommendations

Track Day car set up - minimum 1 degree negative camber

Race car set up - 2.5+ degrees negative camber

Starting pressures - no lower than 25 psi so as to not compromise the tire sidewall construction.  Look to start around 28-29 psi or whatever it takes to get the hot pressures to 31~33 psi for cars such as an EVO or Sti.  Look for hot pressures around 38 psi for heavier cars such as BMW.



Size Overall Diameter Section Width Measured Rim Approved Rim Width Range
205/50ZR15-86W----- 22.9 8.6 6.5 5.5-7.5
225/45ZR17-91W----- 25.1 8.9 7.5 7.0-8.5
235/40ZR17-90W----- 24.2 9.5 8.5 8.0-9.5
255/40ZR17-94W----- 25.1 10.4 9 8.5-10.0
225/40ZR18-92W-XL 25.0 9.1 8 7.5-9.0
255/35ZR18-94Y-XL 24.9 10 9 8.5-10.0
265/35ZR18-97Y-XL 25.2 10.5 9.5 9.0-10.5
285/30ZR18-97Y-XL 24.7 11.2 10 9.5-10.5

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