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Hoosier R7


Hoosier R7

DOT Competition Tire

Heat Cycling Available $15 per tire

Free Shipping to Verified Commercial Address 

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Free Shipping to Verified Commercial Address

Hoosier R7 DOT Competition Tire

Hoosier R7 DOT Radial Competition tires have been developed for drivers who compete in autocross and road racing.  The tires respond with grip in hot and dry conditions. They are designed to provide fast, consistent lap times and extended wear due to superior traction and handling.

WARNING: Hoosier Racing Tires meet DOT requirements for marking and performance only and are NOT INTENDED FOR HIGHWAY USE.

*** Hoosier A7 R7 Specs ***

Hoosier A7 R7 Tire Care

PTS offers Heat Cycling - Have your competition tires heat cycled today and be race ready!

Most tires ship within 48 hours.  Allow an extra day for Heat Cycling.

Please allow up to a week for tires to ship. 

Free Shipping offers are contingent on availability of the product.  We stock as much inventory as we possibly can and we also have distributors who can generally get us wheels or tires in just a couple of business days.  Items not in stock may be subject to shipping charges if you cannot wait for the product to come to us to ship your way.

185/60R13 205/60R13 225/45R13 225/50R13


205/50R15 225/45R15 225/50R15 245/40R15 245/50R15 275/35R15 275/50R15

205/45R16 225/50R16 245/45R16 275/45R16

225/40R17 225/45R17 245/40R17 275/35R17 275/40R17 295/35R17 315/35R17

225/40R18 245/35R18 245/40R18 255/35R18 275/35R18 285/30R18 295/30R18

315/30R18 315/40R18 335/30R18 345/35R18

235/35R19 265/35R19 295/30R19 295/35R19

315/30R19 315/35R19 325/30R19 345/30R19

245/35R20 265/30R20 285/30R20 305/30R20 335/25R20

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