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Nankang AR-1


Nankang AR-1 

DOT Competition Tire 100 treadwear

Tire Shaving  / Heat Cycling – available

Shipping $15 per tire

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Nankang AR-1

DOT Competition Tire

  • Special inner angled pattern design to improve performance in wet track conditions.
  • Special bevel pattern design for improved tire stiffness.
  • Large block at tire shoulder for improved tire stiffness and traction on curved roads.
  • Wide center ribs for improved steering performance and precision.
  • Optimized tread with wider contact patch for the best stability at high speed driving.
  • Unique semi-slick compound shorter tire warming time which speeds up tires in reaching effective working temperature and improves gripping performance.

PTS offers Tire Shaving starting at $30 per tire

We also offer Heat Cycling - Have your competition tires heat cycled today and be race ready!

*Caution: The Nankang AR-1 is recommended for competition events only.

Most tires ship within 48 hours.  Allow an extra day for shaving or heat-cycling.

Shipping is $15 per tire

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