Nankang AR-1


Nankang AR-1 

DOT Competition Tire 100 treadwear

Tire Shaving  / Heat Cycling – available

Shipping $17.50 – $27.50 per tire in the 48 states

All sizes in stock!

Only (1) 255/40ZR17 left until next delivery – accepting preorders now!

New sizes due to arrive early January 2021!

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335/30ZR18, 325/30ZR19, 325/30ZR21



Nankang AR-1

DOT Competition Tire

175/50R13, 185/60R13, 185/60R14, 195/50R15 - perfect for Vintage / Historic Racing!

Also for Vintage we have the 205/60R13 and 235/45R13

*** Nankang AR-1 Specs ***

  • Special inner angled pattern design to improve performance in wet track conditions.
  • Special bevel pattern design for improved tire stiffness.
  • Large block at tire shoulder for improved tire stiffness and traction on curved roads.
  • Wide center ribs for improved steering performance and precision.
  • Optimized tread with wider contact patch for the best stability at high speed driving.
  • Unique semi-slick compound shorter tire warming time which speeds up tires in reaching effective working temperature and improves gripping performance.

Set up tech tips

Optimum operating window 160F degrees to 220F degrees

Optimum camber settings between  -1.0 to -3.0 degrees

HOT Pressure settings - 

Just a guide - precise pressures should be decided by driving style, ambient temps and car set up

23 - 27.5 psi  for cars  less than 1760 lbs 

24 - 32 psi   for cars 1760 lbs - 2200 lbs 

27.5 - 37 psi for cars 2200 lbs - 3080 lbs

34 - 42 psi  for cars over 3080 lbs


PTS offers Tire Shaving starting at $30 per tire

We also offer Heat Cycling - Have your competition tires heat cycled today and be race ready!

*Caution: The Nankang AR-1 is recommended for competition events only.

 Allow an extra day for shaving or heat-cycling.

Shipping is $17.50 -$27.50 per tire in the 48 states

175/50R13 185/60R13 205/60R13 235/45R13 185/60R14 195/50R15 205/50R15 225/45R15 245/40R15 275/35R15 195/50R16 205/45R16 225/45R16 205/40R17 215/40R17 215/45R17 225/45R17 235/40R17 235/45R17 245/40R17 255/40R17 315/35R17 225/40R18 235/40R18 245/40R18 255/35R18 265/35R18 275/35R18 295/30R18 315/30R18 335/30R18 235/35R19 245/35R19 265/35R19 275/35R19 305/30R19 325/30R19 245/35R20 265/35R20 285/35R20 305/30R20 325/30R21