Nankang NS-2R


Nankang NS-2R

Extreme Ultra-High Performance 

200 tread wear (200 UTQG)

*** Nankang NS-2R Specs ***

Tire Shaving and Heat Cycling available

315/30ZR18 Spec Corvette $250 per tire plus shipping

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Nankang NS-2R 

*** Nankang NS-2R Specs ***

Extreme Ultra-High Performance 

The Nankang NS-2R in stock here at PTS is new technology! You may see an older 120 treadwear version of the NS-2R for sale on other websites, but the 120 UTQG version is older technology and does not have the same level of performance as the new 200 treadwear. 

Nankang NS-2R takes competition drift tires to a whole new level.  Speed enthusiasts are confident on and off track due to proven race-inspired compound and construction. Tread design enhances lateral stability under extreme cornering, while the optimized footprint maximizes contact patch for outstanding grip. The Nankang NS-2R is a 200 Tread Wear (200 UTQG) ideally suited for HPDE, Track Days, and Endurance Racing.

After multiple years of success in club motorsport across the UK and Europe, the NS-2R has found itself as a highly recommended track day tire

As used over the years by championships such as: BMW Compact Cup, MaX5, Civic Cup, M3 Cup and in open tire series

The NS-2R is not the fastest tire on the grid however it is one of the most consistent performers, a true endurance option

NS-2R also boasts great wet performance so users have the confidence that the tire will perform as well as a road tire as it will on track

The NS-2R has achieved EU tire labelling giving it MSA List 1B approval

Set up tech tips

Optimum camber settings between -1.0 to -3.0 degrees

HOT Pressure settings

23 - 27.5 psi - car weighs less than 1760 lbs

24 - 32 psi - car weighs between 1760 lbs - 2200 lbs

27.5 - 37 psi - car weighs between 2200 lbs - 3080 lbs

34 - 42 psi - cars weighing more than 3080lbs


PTS offers Tire Shaving starting at $40 per tire

We also offer Heat Cycling $25 per tire- Have your competition tires heat cycled today and be race ready!

Most tires ship within 48 hours.  Allow an extra day for shaving or heat-cycling.

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